Is there a Netconf client based on ct_netconfc?

Dear Community,

I am looking for a Netconf client. Unfortunately, the available clients such as enetconf are not complete and have not been maintained for the last many years.

ct_netconfc is complete but works only in the context of CT. I see that it contains both Netconf protocol aspects (such as encoding, decoding, framing, etc as per Netconf RFCs) and CT aspects. We can develop a full-fledged Netconf client by extracting the protocol aspect from ct_netconfc, But it is not trivial work. Do you have suggestions on simplifying this extraction? or do you suggest some other means to develop a Netconf client?

The CT modules are available for other protocols such as SNMP, SSH, and FTP. The extraction process would be similar in nature if someone has attempted to develop an SNMP/SSH/FTP client using the available CT module. What is your opinion?

Is there any specific reason to mixing protocol aspects and CT aspects in ct_netconfc?

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