Looking for actor/Erlang design guidance/ books

I am new to using actors as basis for a design, although I am familiar with the ideas. I don’t know Erlang yet, but do not anticipate issues with language. I am looking not for an intro but to some solid design recommendations and patterns, which I am sure must exist.

I am looking to adopt because we have a challenging use case with high volumes, throughput, and a need for processing guarantees. I am struggling with how to design to avoid any data loss etc, but suspect there are other aspects where experience would be a good guide.

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I guess what best fits your description is Designing for Scalability with Erlang/OTP.


I think your description of the problem domain is too vague to get any solid design recommendations that go beyound an intro :sweat_smile:

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Thanks. Sorry it was a bit vague - I have some other more specific questions elsewhere - I was looking for a book more focused on design than on introducing the language - hopeful this one will help.

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Much of what would be design patterns in other languages is provided by the OTP framework in Erlang. I found the article The Zen Of Erlang enormously helpful in understanding the thought processes behind using it effectively. The detailed analysis of the supervision tree there really opened my eyes to how powerful it was. Have a look at The Zen of Erlang