Looking for Ukrainian language proof readers


We have added a Ukrainian language translation to Zotonic.

This is at the moment a machine translation and needs some proof reading to remove the most obvious mistakes.

Please help us with proof-reading and make Ukrainian one of the best languages:


What a great idea Marc, perhaps when things have settled down @vkatsuba might be able to help (I hope he’s ok!)


Thanks @mworrell for your support! I will help with this as soon as it becomes a little calmer in my city and the damned aggressor stops attacking us from the air and plant saboteurs together with a disant….


I didn’t expect you to make time for this… first you have to rescue your country from the invaders.


Many thanks for understanding. Hope it will be done soon.


With all my heart I wish peace to all the inhabitants of Ukraine! I believe in the success of Ukraine.
My friend in Poland accepted a refugee from the city of Bucha. All this is a tragedy. I would like to be useful in the fight for peace. I hope that my work in the field of popularization of Erlang, the creation of a project on Zotonic will contribute to this.
I hope that the Ukrainian language will expand the audience of the Zotonic project and help users to do something useful.


Hey @mworrell I was start doing review, the countries translation is done. I was start review second main translations. A large size of translation is correct :mechanical_arm:(the impression that you yourself are from Ukraine :upside_down_face:). I find and fix some minor issues and still need finish review ± 60% of text. Plus, in future I will doing re-review of my self in all pages because translation also related to visualisation of pages, but this is related ± 1-2% of all text. Hope in few days will finish review. Many thanks for adding Ukrainian language to amazing Erlang CMS @zotonic_core_team :metal:!


Thank you @vkatsuba! And we have to thank DeepL and Google Translate for the pre-translation :slight_smile:

Thanks to Crowdin that could be done quite straight forward. Luckily Ukrainian is spoken by a lot of people, so hopefully less mistakes than with some other languages.


@mworrell Finally proofing is done! I haven’t looked at everything yet(which is related to code stuff), but judging by the amount of information that I have read to date and the amount of text that is used in the entire CMS for users - your CMS looks incredibly functional. Erlang community if you still don’t did not touch amazing Erlang/OTP CMS(I think the only existing in the world) take the time and try to learn this incredible tool. For web development, incredibly flexible and huge functionality is already included. Excellent documentation if you are just starting to learn Erlang and want to try web application development - the CMS Zotonic is what you are looking for - save your time and just try it :metal:


Thank you for proofreading the texts. It is quite some texts, around 2500 sentences, if I remember correctly.

Don’t forget, if you like, to add yourself to the translators and contributors files :slight_smile:

And indeed, Zotonic is a very complete web development platform. We often say that it is our “secret weapon”, enabling to implement sites much faster, which cheaper hosting, than others.