Make Erlang application runnable from shell. How?

Hello all!
What is the best way to make Erlang application runnable from shell? Using Bash? Using Escript?
Is there any examples or manuals of it?
Beside all of it how to add this scripts to rebar3?

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rebar3 escriptize is an option, and bakeware creates a standalone binary but is more Elixir focused.

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Is there any examples of escriptize? Tried to find any but got failed.

I’ve referenced this small example to get started before How to launch an application created using "rebar3 new app" and "rebar3 escriptize"? · Issue #1740 · erlang/rebar3 · GitHub


You can make an example escript app with:

rebar3 new escript cool_proj

Beware sometimes escript handles things weird, so don’t be surprised if something that normally works doesn’t…

If you can use to meet your needs, the command is as follows (the specific principle of its implementation I did not delve into) :

发布 (Release)

IMBOYENV=prod make rel
IMBOYENV=test make rel
IMBOYENV=dev make rel -j8
IMBOYENV=local make rel

复制代码到特定的目录 (Copy code to a specific directory)

cp ./_rel/imboy/imboy-1.0.0.tar.gz
// or
scp ./_rel/imboy/imboy-1.0.0.tar.gz root@

去启动服务 (To start the service)

mkdir -p /usr/local/imboy

cp ./_rel/imboy/imboy-1.0.0.tar.gz /usr/local/imboy/

cd /usr/local/imboy

tar -xzf imboy-1.0.0.tar.gz

bin/imboy console

bin/imboy start

bin/imboy restart

bin/imboy stop
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Thx a lot. Made it working for myself.