Missing Yaws documentation?


I have noticed that http://yaws.hyber.org/ now links to the GitHub page. But a lot of documentation is missing that was present on the last page. Is there a new link to it?


All documentation that was on yaws.hyber.org is in the Yaws repo. By default if you build Yaws and run it, it presents the same docs as yaws.hyber.org did.


Hi @vinoski,
Thank you for your answer. I did build yaws (rebar3-support branch) but on http://localhost:8000/doc.yaws all the links are dead. I feel like these missing parts are very important for the whole picture.

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If you look at the info reports that come up when you run rebar3 shell, you can see that by default, localhost:8000 has a docroot of /tmp and http://*:8000 has the yaws/www docroot, which is where all the documentation is. You can access it by using your host’s IP address instead of localhost in the URL. Alternatively, you can change the yaws.conf file to change the docroot for localhost – the config file is mentioned in the first info report, and is normally in the etc/yaws/yaws.conf subdirectory. If you change the docroot, you should stop Yaws and then rerun rebar3 shell.

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I can access the documentation page but it seems that some pages are missing. Namely, http://localhost:8000/yman.yaws?page=yaws_api is missing. I was able to build yaws.pdf and man pages with Autotools but when running yaws with rebar3 shell both links are broken.

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Feel free to raise an issue at the Yaws github repo, but building the docs is intentionally separate from building the web server itself, and I’m not sure combining the two under rebar3 compile is a good idea, especially given the extra LaTeX functionality required to build yaws.pdf.

If you’re on Linux or macOS, viewing the yaws man pages is easy if in your terminal you run the following, no building necessary:

nroff -man <path to man page> | less

Ideally, I would prefer that all the docs were up on github pages, but some of them rely on Yaws being the web server serving them so that their examples can execute. One way to deal with it would be to put everything up there minus the live examples, but that loses some appeal.

Finally, it’s unfortunate that the rebar3-support branch even exists, and that it still hasn’t reached parity with the primary branch. If it were easy, I would have merged it long ago, but every time I’ve tried, I’ve run into issues that automake can deal with easily but not so much for rebar3, and figuring it all out and devising new approaches would be fairly time consuming from what I’ve experienced so far. :man_shrugging: