MQTT does not have priority QoS, is there way to config for publish important message to asap

Hi All

We have requirement to send message at Iot device or Edge computer base on priority
For example

  • real-time message - need to send asap, for e.g alert, traffic data - priority = P1
  • metric message - statistic on Iot device or Edge computer, for e.g Edge device and application - performance - priority = P2
  • static message - log files priority = P3

Can you please advise work around to configure messsage priority to be send.

Thank you for your help and support

Regards, Bao


All MQTT messages are “realtime”. There is no concept of priority on the receiving or the sending side of the broker. The consumer queue (which is always exclusive to one consumer) is a FIFO (or LIFO) queue, not a priority queue.

You could send your messages to different topics but that’s more a way of organising communication and unrelated to priority.