Nitrogen Rebar3 support?


I understand that support of rebar3 is still work in progress, is it going to be released any time soon?



I am very close with rebar3 support.

I’m actually in the process of converting some of my production sites to Nitrogen3 alpha and rebar3 to ensure they are stable before saying “Yep, it’s ready.”

If you want to experiment with the current rebar3 branch, it’s here: GitHub - nitrogen/nitrogen at rebar3

You can build a project using the same conventions: make slim_yaws, for example.

Beyond that, a newly generated project will now have a bunch of new helper makefile entries:

make release - generate a proper release from your dev code’s project
make run_release - Run your generated release
make upgrade_release - generate a relup with the necessary appups, then upgrade the running release (including dependencies, as a relup should)

There is obviously a bunch more, but those are the biggies I’ve been focusing my attention on lately.