Nodes failing to connect to each other

I’m running 3 erlang nodes, on my pc, laptop and raspberry pi, pc and laptop running opensuse tumbleweed and pi is running Raspbian, all on Erlang/OTP 25.
my pc and laptop connect flawlessly to the pi, but whenever I try to connect them both I get an error message that the laptop and pc can’t connect to each other, that causes the other connection to also fail to prevent overlapping partitions, I cant yet upload a picture, so here’s a link to imgur that includes the 3 terminals:
Additionally whenever I open 2 nodes on my pc using fully qualified names with the ip of the pc and try to connect them, the connection fails, screenshot:, connecting using sname on the same pc works.
I’m all out of ideas, I think the problems falls on opensuse compilation of Erlang, I’m gonna try to compile it manually using asdf.
Help would be appreciated

Compiled erlang on pc and laptop, now I can ping 2 nodes on the same pc, but pc and laptop still can’t connect to each other.

Last update:
The problem was that the firewall was blocking incoming connections from outside nodes, the solution was to add --kernel inet_dist_listen_min <min_port> inet_dist_listen_max <max_port> to the command line arguments of the erl shell, and open these ports in the firewall, along with the epmd port, or if using rebar3 add the following to the config/sys.config {kernel, [{inet_dist_listen_min, 4372}, {inet_dist_listen_max, 4380}]} and pass ERL_FLAGS='-config config/sys.config' rebar3 shell ...