Nova release 0.9.5

What’s Changed
Improve section by @sanzor in #186
Rename nova_channels → nova_pubsub and add documentation by @burbas in #187
Add better docs for quick-start and routing section by @burbas in #189
Added so it will return 400 if it fails to decode json by @Taure in #190
Improve the documentation on controllers by @burbas in #191
Always read the body and keep in in the req-object by @burbas in #194
Support Erlang 23 → 25 by @burbas in #195
Fallback controller by @burbas in #192
Return 405 error when a route is defined but method is not. by @burbas in #188
Cleanup support for Erlang < 23 by @burbas in #196
Fix dynamic loading of modules for fallback controller by @burbas in #197
Removed check for erlang versions by @Taure in #200
Support for specifying options for included applications. by @burbas in #199

New Contributors
@sanzor made their first contribution in #186