Nuntius - A library to mock registered processes

@paulo-f-oliveira and I just created a library like meck but to mock processes, instead of modules.
You can find it on Hex.PM already: nuntius | Hex
And it’s in Github, too, of course: GitHub - 2Latinos/nuntius: An Erlang/OTP library to mock registered processes

Let us know what you think!


This is really nice!

I’ve been thinking recently about better patterns for testing in Erlang, and I think this can be really useful.


Hey, look. Even spawn-fest comes here to talk about nuntius :slight_smile:

We’re glad you enjoyed it, @srijan. Use away and point out any issues you find or features you’d like to see. We created this for a CodeBEAM training (2022 Europe), and it was hackathon style; there’s a few more things we want to consider, that we left out for time constraints…