OTP contributing question and its discussion about it

Hi :wave:
I take the opportunity to ask a question about how to ask a question while contributing to an Erlang/OTP open source issue. I took one of these issue and offered to work on, and while the github issue itself is a good place to have discussions, I read in the Contributions guidelines, that features or new things in OTP should be discussed in advance on the erlang-questions mailing list.

Now, on that said mailinglist, I read about that new forum here and as I read that the core team will concentrate being present here I’m wondering if instead of the “old fashioned” mailinglist, that OTP feature could be discussed here?

Please let me know what you think and where to discuss that topic mentioned.
Thanks, Marcel


I see I might add the link to the actual issue I’m working on and the question there I have :slight_smile:

Issue: Add support for SHAKE128 and SHAKE256 · Issue #4871 · erlang/otp · GitHub - “Add support for SHAKE128 and SHAKE256”
Question: Add support for SHAKE128 and SHAKE256 · Issue #4871 · erlang/otp · GitHub - API change considerations


I have updated the guidelines to point to this forum instead of the mailing list.