Pact contract testing library for Erlang - request for comments


We’ve been working on creating a library for the Pact contract testing framework for Erlang.

The work-in-progress codebase is here: GitHub - greyorange-labs/pact_erlang: Erlang version of Pact. Pact is a contract testing framework for HTTP APIs and non-HTTP asynchronous messaging systems., and here is an issue for discussion on the DSL design that would be most suitable for Erlang testing libraries: Project structure and DSL design · Issue #11 · greyorange-labs/pact_erlang · GitHub.

Comments and suggestions are welcome.

About pact:

Pact is a code-first tool for testing HTTP and message integrations using contract tests. Contract tests assert that inter-application messages conform to a shared understanding that is documented in a contract. Without contract testing, the only way to ensure that applications will work correctly together is by using expensive and brittle integration tests.

An animated step-by-step explanation of how Pact works can be found here.


This looks very useful, thank you for sharing.

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