Patch Package CORBA 5.2.1 Released

Patch Package: CORBA 5.2.1
Git Tag: 5.2.1
Date: 2024-05-24
Trouble Report Id: OTP-19093
Seq num:
System: CORBA
Application: corba-5.2.1
Predecessor: corba-5.2

— corba-5.2.1 -------------------------------------------------

— Fixed Bugs and Malfunctions —

OTP-19093 Related Id(s): ERIERL-1090

  The binary format was changed in OTP-26 so that binaries created
  with term_to_binary() was not compatible with those in
  OTP-25 (or older). Corba is now updated so term_to_binary() used
  for object keys are always using minor_version 1 (which is the
  version used since OTP R11).