Patch Package OTP Released

Patch Package:           OTP
Git Tag:                 OTP-
Date:                    2024-04-09
Trouble Report Id:       OTP-18960, OTP-18986, OTP-18996, OTP-19002,
                         OTP-19003, OTP-19006, OTP-19013, OTP-19015,
                         OTP-19019, OTP-19034, OTP-19036, OTP-19043,
                         OTP-19044, OTP-19048
Seq num:                 ERIERL-1041, ERIERL-1043, ERIERL-682,
                         GH-7897, GH-8186, GH-8187, PR-8173, PR-8174,
                         PR-8189, PR-8220, PR-8342, PR-8343
System:                  OTP
Release:                 24
Application:             common_test-, compiler-,
                         crypto-, erts-, ssh-
Predecessor:             OTP

 Check out the git tag OTP-, and build a full OTP system
 including documentation. Apply one or more applications from this
 build as patches to your installation using the 'otp_patch_apply'
 tool. For information on install requirements, see descriptions for
 each application version below.

 --- common_test- --------------------------------------------

 The common_test- application can be applied independently of
 other applications on a full OTP 24 installation.

 --- Fixed Bugs and Malfunctions ---

  OTP-18960    Application(s): common_test

               With this change, the last column in common_test
               testcase log file is modified to now show the total sum
               of each time in the table rows, and Elapsed Time which
               is a clock time spent to run above functions. The
               Elapsed Time is the same time that was previously a

 Full runtime dependencies of common_test- compiler-6.0,
 crypto-3.6, debugger-4.1, erts-7.0, ftp-1.0.0, inets-6.0, kernel-4.0,
 observer-2.1, runtime_tools-1.8.16, sasl-2.4.2, snmp-5.1.2, ssh-4.0,
 stdlib-3.5, syntax_tools-1.7, tools-2.8, xmerl-1.3.8

 --- compiler- ------------------------------------------------

 The compiler- application can be applied independently of
 other applications on a full OTP 24 installation.

 --- Fixed Bugs and Malfunctions ---

  OTP-19003    Application(s): compiler
               Related Id(s): GH-8187, PR-8189

               In rare circumstances, an unsafe optimization could
               cause the compiler to generate incorrect code for list

  OTP-19019    Application(s): compiler

               In rare circumstances, the compiler code generate
               unsafe code for a bit syntax match.

 Full runtime dependencies of compiler- crypto-3.6, erts-11.0,
 kernel-7.0, stdlib-3.13

 --- crypto- --------------------------------------------------

 The crypto- application can be applied independently of other
 applications on a full OTP 24 installation.

 --- Fixed Bugs and Malfunctions ---

  OTP-18996    Application(s): crypto
               Related Id(s): PR-8173, PR-8174

               The function crypto:pbkdf2_hmac will no longer block
               the main schedulers. If the iteration count or block
               size parameters are such that the function is likely to
               take a long time to execute, the function will be
               scheduled to run on a dirty CPU scheduler.

 Full runtime dependencies of crypto- erts-9.0, kernel-5.3,

 --- erts- --------------------------------------------------

 Note! The erts- application *cannot* be applied
       independently of other applications on an arbitrary OTP 24

       On a full OTP 24 installation, also the following runtime
       dependency has to be satisfied:
       -- kernel-8.3 (first satisfied in OTP 24.3)

 --- Fixed Bugs and Malfunctions ---

  OTP-19006    Application(s): erts

               The code server could be hanging if a module with
               on_load function was loaded at the same time as another
               module was purged using erlang:purge_module directly.

  OTP-19015    Application(s): erts
               Related Id(s): ERIERL-682

               Fix bug in re:run/3 where if an invalid UTF-8 subject
               was given, re:run could get stuck in an infinite loop.
               Bug was introduced in Erlang/OTP 22.1.

  OTP-19034    Application(s): erts

               Calling erlang:trace/3 with first argument one of
               ports, processes, existing_ports, existing_processes,
               existing or all, could cause emulator crash if a dirty
               scheduler was executing a simultaneous trace action.

  OTP-19036    Application(s): erts
               Related Id(s): GH-8186

               Fixed an integer overflow when the monotonic time unit
               reported by the operating system was greater than 10
               and lower than 100 microseconds.

  OTP-19043    Application(s): erts
               Related Id(s): PR-8342

               When a traced process executing on a dirty scheduler
               received an exit signal, the dirty scheduler could use
               the wrong thread specific data which could lead to a

  OTP-19048    Application(s): erts
               Related Id(s): PR-8343

               Fixed a more or less harmless bug that caused time
               correction of Erlang monotonic time to become slightly
               off on Windows platforms when QueryPerformanceCounter()
               was used as OS monotonic time source.

               erlang:system_info(os_monotonic_time_source) now also
               returns information about used resolution which not
               always corresponds to the resolution of the OS
               monotonic time source.

 --- Improvements and New Features ---

  OTP-19044    Application(s): erts
               Related Id(s): ERIERL-1043, PR-8342

               Checks for monotonicity of monotonic time have been
               improved so that Erlang and OS monotonic time are
               checked separately.

               A new configure argument
               --enable-ensure-os-monotonic-time has also been added.
               It enables functionality ensuring the monotonicity of
               monotonic timestamps delivered by the OS. When a
               non-monotonic timestamp is detected, it will be
               replaced by the last delivered monotonic timestamp
               before being used by Erlang's time functionality. Note
               that you do not want to enable this unless the OS
               monotonic time source on the system fails to produce
               monotonic timestamps. This since ensuring the
               monotonicity of OS monotonic timestamps will hurt
               scalability and performance of the system.

 Full runtime dependencies of erts- kernel-8.3, sasl-3.3,

 --- ssh- ----------------------------------------------------

 The ssh- application can be applied independently of other
 applications on a full OTP 24 installation.

 --- Fixed Bugs and Malfunctions ---

  OTP-18986    Application(s): ssh

               With this change, more secure algorithms are preferred
               by ssh and documentation is updated to reflect that.

  OTP-19002    Application(s): ssh
               Related Id(s): ERIERL-1041

               With this change, KEX strict terminal message is
               emitted with debug verbosity.

  OTP-19013    Application(s): ssh
               Related Id(s): GH-7897, PR-8220

               With this change, owner and group file attributes
               decoding is fixed and results with value of integer

 Full runtime dependencies of ssh- crypto-5.0, erts-9.0,
 kernel-5.3, public_key-1.6.1, runtime_tools-1.15.1, stdlib-3.15