Rebar3_to_core_plugin - A rebar plugin for compiling into Core Erlang

Nice to meet you! This is sudden, but I love the Core Erlang. I’m sure you do too :slight_smile: So, to make it easier for you to play with our favorite Core Erlang, I’ve created the following Rebar3 plugin!

With this plugin, you can easily translate your Rebar3 project into the Core Erlang. You won’t have to rewrite erl_opts to play with it anymore!

Why don’t you spend the new year with the Core Erlang? Thanks.


Hi @ajfAfg and welcome to the Erlang Forum :metal:!
Great plugin! Thanks for sharing!
P.S. Don’t forgot introduce your self on Hello Erlang ++ BEAM World (introductions thread) topic :wink:.


Also, it would be great see this plugin in :wink:.