Release with docker problem

I packaged the image using GitHub and exited directly when starting it. There was no daemon, so I searched for many problems but couldn’t solve them. Docker reported an error specifically:

/Opt/eadm/bin/eam: line 272:/opt/eam/arts 14.2.2/bin/erlexec: not found

I went inside Docker to check if the file did exist

Docker run -- rm - it -- name eadm redgreat/eam ls - l/opt/eam/erts 14.2.2/bin/erlexec
-Rwxr-xr-x 1 root 169680 Apr 19 13:27/opt/eam/arts 14.2.2/bin/erlexec

But when it’s being executed, it can’t be found

Docker run -- rm - it -- name eadm redgreat/eam/opt/eam/arts 14.2.2/bin/erlexec help
Exec/opt/eam/arts 14.2.2/bin/erlexec: no such file or directory

Can the big shots help me find the problem?
Github build statement

-Name: compile
Rebar3 clean
Rebar3 as prod release
Tar - czvf eadm - ${{steps. rep. outputs. label_version}}. tar. gz _build/prod/rel/eam


RUN apk add -- no cache ncurses libs libgcc libstdc++
LANG='zh_cN. UTF-8 '
CMD ["/opt/eam/bin/eam", "foreground"]

Rebar3. config

%%Release profiles
%%To create a release just run
%%Rebar3 as prod release
Relx, [{release, {eadm, "0.1.0"},
[eadm, nova, sasl]},
{mode, minimum},
{extended_start_script, true},
{sys_config, "config/sys. config"},
{vm.args, "config/vm. args"},
{overlay, [{copy, "config/prod_db. config", "releases/0.1.0/prod_db. config"]}
{profiles, [{prod, [{relx[
{mode, prod},
{extended_start_script, true},
{sys_config_src, "config/prod_sys. config. src"},
{vm-args src, "config/vm. args. src"}
{config, "config/dev_sys. config. src"},
{apps, [eadm]}

Ensure that all configuration files can be successfully mapped
The problem may occur in rebar3. config
{mode, prod},
{extended_start_script, true},
This place, but I don’t know how to solve it. I hope everyone can help me take a look

This is my project address:


I haven’t marked some license issues yet. Thank you to the Nova framework writer

So if I understand it right.

You have a nova project and want to release a prod and have an docker image?

But when you start it crash?

If you want to check other repo using GitHub and docker you can look at this. GitHub - widgrensit/chatli

thanks reply me,and i inspire from your project.
i jsut complie my proj from github actions with ubuntu-latest,and wann’t run it at os alpine with erlang environment,it’s that peoblem. and after i add complie (with alpine) step in docker file,now it can run

✦ 18:35:04 ➜ docker logs eadm
Exec: /opt/eadm/erts-14.2.4/bin/erlexec -noinput +Bd -boot /opt/eadm/releases/0.1.0/start -mode embedded -boot_var SYSTEM_LIB_DIR /opt/eadm/lib -config /opt/eadm/releases/0.1.0/sys.config -args_file /opt/eadm/releases/0.1.0/vm.args -- foreground
Root: /opt/eadm
=NOTICE REPORT==== 20-Apr-2024::22:35:06.075500 ===
    msg: <<"Starting nova">>
    environment: dev
=NOTICE REPORT==== 20-Apr-2024::22:35:06.076582 ===
    msg: <<"Nova is running">>
    app: eadm
    cowboy_version: 2.12.0
    nova_version: 0.9.22

tanks alot!

I will try to find some time to look at this.

Thank you for using Nova and we are happy to get feedback also.