Setting up Erlang + Nginx


I am interested in deploying my project to my vps. I am using Nginx currently at the moment to serve some static files. I am going to be installing the Erlang/OTP soon on the server. My project currently uses inet for development. How do I make it so my Erlang project is accessable from say


Hi @Ookma-Kyi, If you already have your domain and have added the A/AAAA record to your DNS configuration, then the sample Nginx configurations on this page should get you up and running. Though you may need to tweak or add a few things depending on your needs.


Are you making a web server? In that case you can continue to use nginx, and just point it to your server instead.

When you are not making a web server, but need a privileged port (< 1024), you can use three things to make it accessible. First is authbind, is a wrapper process which you can tell which ports a program can open. Second, you can setup an iptables configuration, and third you can use setcap. We made a short description on these methods in our documentation: Running on Port 80 and Port 443 @ Zotonic. All these methods work for other ports than 80 or 443 too.


I have already unlocked port 3000 and think this is the way I am going to go.

Thanks, going to try that in a few weeks and keep you updated on this thread.