System_monitor - BEAM VM telemetry collector (from Klarna)

I don’t think the klarna/system_monitor has been announced here before which is a pity.
It is a very cool application, as its blurb says:

`system_monitor` is a BEAM VM monitoring and introspection application that helps 
 in troubleshooting live systems. It collects various information about Erlang processes
 and applications.

It is very easy to set it up to store the collected metric in Postgres to be viewed by Grafana.
Read about it here:

Now, I have done some additional work on it.

  1. Split it into a (optional) frontend/backend where the frontend runs in the target node, gathering the metrics which then is sent over TLS to the backend which store it into Postgres.
  2. An easy way to add custom metrics and as a first example a memory collector has been created that store Total/Free/Allocated/Used memory of the BEAM as well as the memory used by the ERTS allocators.

Read about it here:

and here:

Cheers, Tobbe