Trying to install Erlang on Ubuntu server, but getting error

i get an error saying

error : taking address of rvalue [-fpermissive]
const wxBitmap * Result = &This->GetBitmap();

please help

Hey, @SyedMuhamadYasir.

What steps are you taking to install it? And what version is it?

Did you try using kerl, for example?

You’re building some old version of Erlang/OTP. That was fixed in April 2022 and pushed to active branches. See 023be12263c2a91dadd03342bd4b3e3b77d1818b in master.

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i did not.

I will try kerl, but to do so, should i uninstall all the dependencies i installed when try to build erlang ?

or should i just remove the erlang folder and download kerl & then try installing erlang from there ?

thank you

to retry, should i just remove the current erlang folder that i have and try a slightly newer build ?

i need erlang 24 for blockscout but i will gladly try out a slightly upgraded version too

Yes. Just build the latest tag from maint-24, OTP-

Thank you so much for your continued help,

I am now getting another error;

gen/wxe_wrapper_7.cpp:2342:65: error: call of overloaded ‘AddTool(int&, wxString&, wxBitmap&, wxString&, wxItemKind&)’ is ambiguous

2342 | wxToolBarToolBase * Result = (wxToolBarToolBase*)This->AddTool(toolId,label,*bitmap,shortHelp,kind);

I appreciate any kind help !

P.S : sorry to inconvenience you with the code excerpts - but i don’t have the permission to post screenshots as a new user. Also, i tried to build with OTP-

Report it to upstream: Issues · erlang/otp · GitHub