Two new blog posts from the OTP team

There are two new blog posts from the OTP team.

Fast random integers by @raimo

When you need “random” integers, and it is essential to generate them fast and cheap; then maybe the full featured Pseudo Random Number Generators in the rand module are overkill. This blog post will dive in to new additions to the said module, how the Just-In-Time compiler optimizes them, known tricks, and tries to compare these apples and potatoes.

Erlang/OTP 25 Highlights by @kennethL

OTP 25 is finally here. This post will introduce the new features that I am most excited about.


Reading above for maybe_expr → It reminds me of with pattern in elixir. One example here
What are the differences?


I believe they are fully equivalent. The EEP does include comparisons with Elixir too! My goal is to eventually change the Elixir compiler to emit maybe expressions in the future, because I think Dialyzer will be happier. :slight_smile: