VerneMQ Native process shows exception can't load acl file "./etc/vmq.acl" due to enoent

Hi All

I am getting an error can’t load acl file “./etc/vmq.acl” due to enoent in /var/log/vernemq/erlang.log.1

Note: I have /etc/vmq.acl which contain topic #
root@eveitsdsfew05:~# cat /etc/vmq.acl
topic #

This prevent me from publish and subscribe to VerneMQ.
Can you please advise me how to fix this problem.

Thank you for help and support


It looks like you have an absolute vs relative path issue. enoent means that there’s no file at the expected location. (The path to the ACL file can be set in the vernemq.conf file.)

Note that topic # will authorize everything; you need to adapt that for live use.


Hi @afa

Thank you for your reply.
I edit the vernemq.conf file to contain entry vmq_acl.acl_file = /etc/vernemq/vmq.acl

Regards, Bao

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