VerneMQ Release 1.12.6 is out

Enjoy! :slight_smile:

Change to previous tag:

  • Fix outgoing QoS and outgoing QoS upgrades.
  • Collect per webhook type (e.g. on_publish_m5_requests) metrics.
  • Fix vmqs (SSL) inter-node communication.
  • Store waiting pubrec packets in queue and add to waiting acks on reconnect.
  • Fix PostGres (epgsql 4.6.0) response format in vmq_diversity.
  • Fix Prometheus exposition format, related to MQTT v4 and v5 labels.
  • Add Unix domain listeners (to be configured as “listener.tcp.unix_socket = local:/tmp/my.sock:0”)
  • Add new setting tls_handshake_timeout option to SSL listeners.
  • Fix webhook cache to not allow multiple entries per key
  • Fix recovery of waiting pubrecs in MQTT v5
  • Updateepgsql to 4.6.1
  • Update eredis to 1.7.0 (vmq_diversity)
  • Update erlang-mongodb to ref 713e8bd (vmq_diversity)
  • Update sext to 1.8.0
  • Update stdout_formatte to 0.2.4

Note that using the binary packages (.deb/.rpm/.Docker) commercially requires a paid subscription, as before. Compiling/building VerneMQ yourself is free.