What are your thoughts on zx Command?

I just discovered zx Command, have you used it before? Can I rely on it to build entire application. Let me know your thoughts if you have used it.


I just use rebar, as does most of the community, and I would say myself it’s the standard : https://rebar3.org/


@starbelly, thank you. I will take a look at it.


Hi, @kamaroly, I’m the author of ZX. The point of ZX is to make Erlang development more familiar for newcomers who are used to dynamic development and launching environments (where first-invocation typically means first-build) and, in particular, to make cross-platform development of foreground running applications (including GUIs) faster and easier.

Rebar is a release building tool, which has a different purpose entirely than ZX. Most ZX users are new Erlangers interested in doing things with Erlang that they would have previously done in Python or C# or whatever but want concurrency primitives for whatever reason.