What content should we focus on for Nova?


We did a big release that have taken much of our time. But now we want to focus on helping people start using it.

What is Nova:
Nova makes it simple to build a fault-tolerant and distributed web application. It takes ideas from different web frameworks and implements them with the functionality and stability that Erlang and BEAM offer.

This is more open question on what content would you like to see? What is important for you to try to test something new?



Great idea Daniel :023:

I would always suggest from near enough the start - so assume people know the basics of HTML/CSS and maybe some JS, and then build on from there. That way you are excluding as few as people as possible and that will mean more potential users.

You might also want to do an intro vid where you create something in 15 minutes. These are great to show off what/why your framework is worth using so serves a number of purposes; a marketing tool as well as an educational one.

I look forward to seeing what you come up with!


Yeah, we have had a discussion if we would do some live code discussion when we develop something. And record it.

Thank you for the feedback.


Talking to databases :slight_smile:


I will see if I can make an example repo using postgres and also erldb. Stay tuned. :slight_smile:


ok, so here we have an app GitHub - Taure/nova_db_app this is using a crud/rest api and using postgres with Nova.

SQL, docker-compose and tests are included as an example how things could be run. Only dependency that was added was the pgo. Rest of the things like json encode/decode and http client is in Nova included.

If there are any questions please ask. :slight_smile:


Here is a simple chat server that uses Nova. We got help to do a frontend to it.