What is each BEAM languages gateway app?

Following on from the What is Erlang’s gateway application? thread, what do you think is the gateway application into each BEAM language?

What is a gateway?

Many languages have a ‘killer app’ that serves as an important gateway into the language and community - they’re often the reason why people adopt those languages because it gives them a clear (easy?) reason to use them.

As an example, Ruby’s biggest gateway and killer app is Rails, Elixir’s is Phoenix, (in the early days) Python’s was Django, Swift’s is iOS app development, Dart’s is Flutter… you get the idea :upside:

Again like in the other thread, if you don’t think one currently exists for a BEAM language you like the look of… what would you like it to be? :innocent:


CouchDB was my gateway drug. I’ve met a few other developers who mentioned the project as a starting point.


RabbitMQ and Ejabberd


For me it was RabbitMQ too, which brought me to the BEAM world


For me it was Zotonic. At that time I inherited a project which used Mnesia and Yaws. We needed to involve more devs into the project with various backgrounds, so I was looking around for a solution.

Just around that time Zotonic was released. Looking through its code-base it became clear that this framework was build by people with lots and lots of knowledge on the web. Designers and web-developers are in the driver seat, everything in the background works efficient.