What is Erlang?

Inspired by some of the comments in this panel discussion - if somebody asked you what Erlang is, what would you say? How would you describe it? :smiley:

I would echo some of what we’ve got in our guest welcome message :003:

What would you say?

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This cuts to the heart of it for me:

  • Functional & immutable by default
  • Concurrency-oriented
  • Stable & mature
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Nice one Tom!

I wonder if you could perhaps share some WhatsApp insights too? I’m sure any tidbits would prove interesting - whether it’s the size of your team, number of servers you’re using, number of messages being handled on a daily basis, whether you use any of the other BEAM languages, any favourite Erlang libraries, etc. :icon_smile:

Erlang is a concurrent language with a call-by-value functional core.

(One could say more, but this captures its essence without diving too much into non-technical stuff, IMO.)

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Thanks for adding your thoughts Mikael :smiley:

Also similarly, I wonder if you could give us some of the similar insights I mentioned to Tom above on how you’re using Klarna?

I think it would be great if when people search “What is Erlang” then come to this thread and see some of the biggest names in tech using it :003: