Who has an idle GRiSP2 willing to sell it to me at a low price?

I am in China and have experience using the (luat-luna) development board from Hezong, as well as the (Quectel - a truncated version of Python) board from Yiyuan. I would like to try the GRiSP2, but it’s too expensive on the official website, and there aren’t many people in China using Erlang. Most of them are involved in game development, and very few use it for IoT industry development. I couldn’t find any on the Xianyu market either. I’m asking if any forum seniors have an idle one and would be willing to share it with an Erlang enthusiast at a lower price (I am willing to pay around RMB 800), for which I would be very grateful.

Or could someone point me in the right direction to find a second-hand GRiSP2 development board for sale? (The prices on eBay are even higher than those on the GRiSP2 official website!)

This discussion was translated using AI, and some of the phrasing may be inappropriate. Please accept my apologies.