Will the mailing list archived links remain in perpetuity?

With the official closing of the erlang-questions mailing list, will the OTP team be maintaining the 25 year archive of messages forever, even if the mailing list itself is deactivated?

I’d assume so, but I couldn’t find a specific mention of it (and my google-fu proved fruitless).

There’s so much good stuff there, it would be a shame for those links to suddenly break, and for that archive to go the way of Geocities.


I’ve asked Kenneth and he said the archives would remain active and up. The main reason given to shut down the mailing list was related to moderation efforts required, which the archives don’t require at all.

I can’t say about “perpetuity” because that’s a long time, but my assumption is that we (as a community) would get a heads-up before the archives would be taken down so they can be reuploaded elsewhere or handed off to make sure links keep working.


Awesome. That’s good to know! Thanks!


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