Wings-2.3 released

  • Added option to rotate the environment map. [micheus]

  • Fixed misplaced context menu in a multiple display setup. [micheus]

  • Fixed Align command in AutoUV editor that was not working properly. [micheus]

  • Added Proportional option to the Distribution command in AutoUV editor. [micheus]

  • Replaced the label ‘Radial’ by ‘Radius’ in Sphere primitive dialog.
    Thanks to e.m.hobo for the suggestion. [micheus]

  • Fixed a crash when closing a window with the context menu active. Thanks to markie. [dgud]

  • Fixed a crash when renaming screenshots. Thanks to markie. [micheus]

  • Fixed the Connect RMB command that was entering in slide mode after no
    connection has been done. [micheus]

  • Fixed a soft crash caused by selectiong MMB for Flow Connect command [micheus]

  • Fixed the Collapse command that was creating wrong topolgy in
    face mode. Thanks to ptoing. [micheus]

  • Fixed NormalMap rendering, thanks Markie. [dgud]

  • Updated the splash screen image whth the one choosen in the contest.
    Congrats to user chosetec. [micheus]

  • Fixed a crash which happened during start on some Intel GPUs when MSAA was
    disabled in a PC setup. [Micheus]

  • Fixed the bind DELETE key after it has been unbound. Thanks to ptoing. [micheus]

  • Added more import and export features to palette window. Fixed right click when outside palette square. Thanks tkbd and micheus for suggestions and testing. [Edward Blake]

  • Fixed a division by zero crash in AutoUV when very tiny islands exists. Thanks tkbd [micheus]

  • The file type in the file dialog now is in accordance with the glTF type choosen in the option dialog. Thanks to markie [micheus]

  • Rewrote OpenGL window handling to make it work with EGL on linux, and various other linux fixes. [dgud]

  • Fixed a bug in transparency rendering. [dgud]

  • Lots of improvements in various Importers/Exporters by Edward Blake.
    ** Import DirectX (.x) files.
    ** Added X3D export, adding X3D and VRML import.
    ** SVG additions and improvments.
    ** Added WMF and EMF path import plugin.
    ** Improved Adode Postscript support.

  • The file type in the file dialog now is in accordance with the glTF type choosen in the option dialog. Thanks to markie [micheus]

  • Added Bend command to AutoUV toolset. [micheus]

  • New primitive Oblong [micheus]

  • Fixed a crach in autouv when rotating a char with multiple edges selected. [micheus]

  • When objects and materials was including invalid charactes the .dae file couldn’t be imported by other applications. Thanks to Wҽɳԃιҽ Bʅαƈƙƚԋσɾɳ [micheus]

  • For the first time, there is a now separate Wings package optimized for Macs with an M1 or M2 chip (Apple Silicon). [bjorng]

  • New Duplicate Radial command. [micheus]