Xml_builderl - Erlang library for building xml

I ported xml_builder to Erlang. I also included from_map from elixir-map-to-xml which gives a nice map interface for building xml. Hopefully others find it useful. It was a nice weekend project.
Porting Elixir to Erlang is relatively straight forward. One thing I learned is how to use macros to make complex guards.

I’ll be updating the README with better documentation soon. For now check out the unit tests for how to use it.



Great work! Thank you, this will definitely be something that I can use in the (near) future.

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Nice, just one thing that jumped straight at me: you should use andalso and orelse instead of and and or :wink:


Thanks! I didn’t know about the differences. I see now that the former will have the desired short circuit effect.

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