A Portrait of the Language Designer

A Portrait of the Language Designer as a Young Man: Interview with Louis Pilfold (serokell.io)

I stumbled across this yesterday and, whilst it’s from November last year, it didn’t seem to have a link from these forums. I found it really interesting and there’s some great nuggets in there such as:

…the ability to get up in front of a collection of people and try and convey something…

(You’ll have to read the article for the context :wink: )

@lpil, I hope you don’t mind me posting it?

Here’s the full interview:


Not at all, thanks for sharing. I’m glad you enjoyed my rambling!


Nice find Phil, I’ve got it on in the background (and I hope you don’t mind I added the video to your post).

Gotta say I love Louis’s tache! I wish I could grow one but as soon as it gets to the itchy stage out come the trimmers! :lol: