Build & Packaging (and Docs) Working Group Minutes

Hey everyone, as you may know, the Build & Packaging working group meets monthly, on the first Tuesday of the month. It initially was all done in Zoom meetings, but to make accessibility easier, the meetings have been shifted to asynchronous day-long discussions in slack threads on the EEF slack, back in December 2022.

As was made clear in a thread earlier this year, people don’t necessarily know what goes on in these meetings or that they even take place.

So in an attempt to be a bit more visible, I will be re-publishing meeting minutes here, so people have an idea what is going on, without having to stay up to date with our repo where they are stored: build-and-packaging-wg/minutes at master · erlef/build-and-packaging-wg · GitHub

For what it’s worth, this repository holds minutes dating back to October 2020.


Here are the minutes for the last two meetings, January 2024 and February 2024.



The February meeting had this single topic discussed.


This is great, thanks @MononcQc. One observation I have (based on the minutes) is that there really are not many posts tagged “Erlang Ecosystem Foundation”. Perhaps instead of opening up the private areas, more activity could be conducted in public areas and tagged appropriately?

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  1. These are meetings between members so it sort of makes sense they are held between members and not just public threads. The goal is to pull a bunch of motivated maintainers and contributors together to synchronize work and bounce ideas. They happen on top of the public discussions and public threads, not instead of them
  2. Are the forums with appropriate tagging not going to be sufficiently public nor appropriately tagged?


I’m sure they will be :slight_smile:. My suggestion was only to avoid changing the existing board set-up, but I’m happy with whatever works for you.

I’m catching up to my duties before the next meeting, and posting the minutes update for March in here: build-and-packaging-wg/minutes/ at master · erlef/build-and-packaging-wg · GitHub

Our one discussion topic this month were a quick survey of OTP-27 readiness. Keep in mind that the meeting was held when only 27-rc1 was released and does not account for 27-rc2 yet:

  • Rebar3: appears to be all-good. There’s a warning in there that’s patched and will need a new release
  • Elixir mostly good, a few details to iron out
  • rebar3_hexdoc has had v0.2.22 released to cover OTP-27
  • erlef/setup-beam is now being tested for OTP 27, it’s released and no issues are reported
  • kerl/kerl has been adapted for OTP 27, but it’ll only be release when 27 is out (we need to use the latest, from the main branch, until then), the relevant change being it creating the docs for 27 locally (using ex_doc)

I’m forced to admit attendance is a bit down and topics discuss are shrinking; for a fourth month in a row we had 2 or fewer topics to discuss, and only 1 topic to discuss for 2 months in a row.

Anything the members of this forum would like to ask the WG for next week’s meeting?


I’m late on these, but still ahead of the next async meeting (which is next Tuesday, first Tuesday of May). For the time being, have the April 2 minutes—with more topics and participants than we’ve had in a while:

  • OTP 27-rc2 General Chat
    • quick discussion around the new strings syntax and maybe being on by default
    • tracing sessions looks interesting, but participants haven’t had time to try them yet
    • a question was asked wondering if we’d get access to murmurhash3 (which is the internal hash for which no public interface exists)
    • John says there’s too much work right now and revamping hashing has been put on hold
    • similarly, the new regex engine has also been postponed, to OTP 28
  • Rebar3 Releases
    • Missing releases were cut for erlware_commons and Relx
    • A new rebar3 release was cut accordingly, with a bunch of long-standing fixes.
  • Adding OTP 27-rc2 to nixpkgs
    • Barry (first presence in meeting) has managed to make it work
      • there were challenges around ex_doc builds
    • the PR was merged later in the month
  • Support for a deprecated doc attribute
    • Currently the attribute is disjoint, supported by the compiler for OTP-specific deprecations, handled with macros and by xref for the rest of uses
    • Making it project-level (so the compiler can warn for any project) is on John’s personal to-do list, but it is harder to do than it appears because of in-house build systems
    • José points out that the way it works in Elixir is that compilation is done first, then a pass is done to find deprecations and missing calls
    • EEP-59 doc will look for -deprecated attributes and put them in the docs chunk, but you can also do it directly with doc metadata with -doc(#{ deprecated => ~"Use foo/0 instead" }).
      • This seems to cover Bryan’s needs
    • A suggestion was made about relying on xref (or maybe dialyzer, or both) to warn about deprecated functions. Tools overlap a lot, and xref is fast.

Here are the minutes for May: build-and-packaging-wg/minutes/ at master · erlef/build-and-packaging-wg · GitHub

They’re pretty much anti-minutes because nobody had anything to discuss, so aside from a few reactji, nothing happened.

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