Egit - Erlang interface to git using NIF libgit2 binding

I’d like to announce availability of egit - an Erlang interface to git using native binding through libgit2.

The library is available here. It is still in alpha state, but feedback is welcome.




Hi Serge,

I could have used this library a month ago. :wink:
Then I searched around and found nothing suitable
and wrote an erlang module where I used a port to communicate with git.

The exit codes of git commands are not very informative, so I think your library will be superior in this regard.
I found a small glitch: in your first example in the README, the parameters for clone are strings/lists
instead of binaries.
Thank you for this, I think I will switch to your implementation!

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Thanks. Actually in the latest version I added support for both strings and binaries so that it’s more usable for Erlang and Elixir.

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The naming is a bit unfortunate; egit is already used for the git-interface for the Eclipse IDE:
EGit/User Guide - Eclipsepedia.

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Erlang: Old tech that has weathered the test of time.
Eclipse: Old tech that hasn’t.



I have spent many years of my career writing Eclipse plugins, and have to somewhat reluctantly admit that your observation is very much spot on. :slight_smile:

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As far as the egit name is concerned the name is unique in the context of Do you feel strongly that there should be uniqueness in naming between Eclipse and Erlang?

Not necessarily. Naming is hard, and short names are more likely to be difficult to search for. Personally I would probably have used something more explicit, e.g. “erlang-git”.

I mean, there are all sorts of google hits on egit before you end up on hex: Urban Dictionary: egit

A search on “egit erlang” brings the relevant links (including on the top of the first page. “git erlang” brings links to this forum thread on top as well. So it doesn’t seem that hard to find egit :slight_smile:

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