I Won The Manning Book Giveaway and need suggestions


I just checked my entries and I won both the “Build it with Nitrogen” and any Manning E-Book giveaway. The Nitrogen one is easy, no difficult decisions there. The Manning Book is a bit difficult, as I am looking for a good book to supplement my Nitrogen E-Book as well as learn Erlang proper. Can anyone suggest an E-Book from Manning that will help and supplement my Nitrogen/Erlang experience?

Thanks in advance.

Paging @gumm @LloydPrentice


Erlang and OTP in Action” is getting a little old now (2010 I think), but I thought it quite a good book when I first got into Erlang. The Elixir flavoured version, Elixir in Action, is more up to date (2019) if you are curious.


I read Elixir is a completely different language to Erlang, so it wouldn’t apply as much to Erlang. The only thing Elixir has to Erlang is it’s a thin layer on top of Erlang that produces Erlang then beam code. I tried Elixir once but, got frustrated and gave up. I think Erlang and Nitrogen is the way to go.

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In that case Erlang & OTP in Action - as that’s the only Erlang specific book they have right now…

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Ok I’ll wait a few hours and see if anyone else has any more input. If not then I guess that will be my choice for the prize for the giveaway. I will message you when I am ready.


For me, the book that got me into Erlang in the first place was 1st edition of Joe Armstrong’s book (and the 2nd edition has been out for a few years now).

That was the book that clicked for me, and shortly thereafter, I was building things with Nitrogen.

And, of course, for free resources, https://learnyousomeerlang.com is an amazing resource.