Is it possible to observe all the running Erlang nodes using observer?


Back in old days of windows, I would do the infamous crtl+alt+delete, see the processes and terminate one if necessary. Now I have the same situation but in Erlang :smiley: . If I run observer:start(). it seems it gives me the monitoring data of the current node that I’m running it. How I can achieve the same thing but system wide on the running nodes that Im aware/not aware of. Im asking this, because I hit the following problem:

I try to run a release on my machine and get `Protocol ‘inet_tcp’: the name app@mymachine seems to be in use by another Erlang node’ error. I want to see what are the nodes that are running, and see if I can terminate them, because as far I’m concern some node seems to be running in the background and Im not aware of it. Thanks.

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You can do epmd -names
That will list distributed erlang nodes on that machine.


When you start a observer on some node, go to Nodes > Enable distribution, then insert long/short name of the node and a secret cookie. Nodes must be connected. You can observe any connected node when you know his name and cookie. For nodes that you’re not aware of, explore them as @dgud said and then perform the same thing.