"old" printed OTP documentation – Cover

While doing some research of older Erlang documentation I found that years back, Ericsson SE offered printed documentation of Erlang and OTP. I’m curious if someone here remembers (I’m pretty sure some do) how this documentation was shipped (binder, book, …) and if someone probably has a higher resolution picure/scan of the covers. Thanks :slight_smile:



We have kept a set of the 5.0/R7 (and also the 4.8) manuals in storage.


I had a set of those. They were either sent with my commercial license subscription or Lennart Ohman brought them when he came to visit.


Thanks a lot to snap and share this @raimo.


Love this description of Erlang/OTP - if you just take out the words telecom and telecommunications it could still be used today :003:


huh these are neat. I had never heard of them and it’s one thing I never managed to get my hands on!


reading textbooks makes me feel good, especially about erlang, how to get that?


They are severely outdated, since they are for erts-5.0 and Erlang/OTP R7.
We only kept one copy just we could bear ourselves to throw away.

They were actually printed from the documentation build target “book”, which might work still today, in our regular documentation build. Many details may have rotted because the html target (there is also a pdf target) has evolved and maybe left “book” in the dust.

There are much better books about Erlang/OTP published later.
These hard copy books were just a paper version of our regular documentation User Guides and Reference Manuals.


I loved the printed Erlang books.
They were a good fit for the hands, and electronic
documentation just is no substitute for crisp clean
printed text. (Nor is crisp clean printed text a
substitute for electronic documentation.)
I grieved when I had to throw them out.

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Thanks a lot for the context information about these books, also about the book target that seems still to be exist inside the otp source repository.

I’m planning to print documentation for one of the future releases. I don’t have more information yet about iit, but my plan is to have it in the same way and style these books have been published these years back then. I do not have any commercial interest, this is “just for fun” out of it; and to have printed documentation.


Would love to get a copy of this as well! Printed manuals are the best. Even if they’re outdated the moment the ink dries on the page.


I’ll share when I have more concrete information about it. I agree with the sentiment too – printed manuals are nice.

I’m not sure yet how it would look like. Also, I’m not sure if I’m allowed to print them with the same illustration. I found the creator of the illustration in an old source copy from Index of /download/; also I think the colours chosen are from an Ericsson color scheme (I might be wrong). For sure, I plan to print a current issue of it, probably OTP-26. For that, I still explore how to recreate the old book.* files that where used in those old releases of OTP.

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