Our Mission Statement

When writing a mission statement for a project like this you usually have to search for inspiration. But not here - we need only look to the creators of Erlang: Robert Virding, Mike Williams, and of course, Joe Armstrong.

In fact ever since Joe passed away many of us have been meaning to start a project to honour him, and what better way to do that than with one which is just as community orientated as he was :049:

It should come as no surprise then that through this forum we intend to honour his spirit by echoing his jovial disposition and his kind, welcoming, encouraging and inspiring outlook. He was one of the nicest people you could ever hope to meet and that’s how we want to honour his memory here - by being just as kind, just as welcoming, just as understanding and supportive, and maybe even just as inspiring.

Perhaps together we can inspire a whole new generation of Erlangers? A generation who carry Erlang forward another four or five decades …or beyond even that. Maybe, that’s how we can all give something back to Joe - by helping take Erlang further than he himself might have ever imagined :sparkles:

You can help do this by simply honouring his spirit when participating on this forum, and this just means that when you take part in threads please always try to add something of value, and please do so in an amicable and respectful way. Please also remember that we are all Erlangers at the end of the day no matter which BEAM language we use - we’re stronger together - and combined, each unique flavour of Erlang can help attract more and more people into the BEAM world. We hope you agree that that’s both exciting and something truly worth striving for :heart: