Erlang Master Class 2: Concurrent Programming (Kent University)

Concurrent functional programming is increasingly important in providing global-scale applications on the internet.

We combine the theory of concurrent programming with the practice of how that works in Erlang. You’ll get the opportunity to reinforce what you learn through practical exercises and more substantial, optional practical projects.

Functional programming has been a strength the University of Kent for the last 30 years. Throughout the course, you’ll learn with Simon Thompson – co-author of one of the standard introductions to Erlang, O’Reilly Media’s Erlang Programming.

The live version is offered by Simon Thompson (@simonthompson) at FutureLearn. There is also a pre-recorded version at Kent University’s YouTube channel, embedded below in the post.

By Dr. Joe Armstrong, one of the most talented computer scientists, the co-designer of Erlang and author of the book Programming Erlang, who died in 2019 and will be remembered and missed for decades.


I suppose also missed link to courses - Concurrent Programming in Erlang - Online Course.


I think courses at FutureLearn are not recorded. But still it’s a good idea to add a link to it. I’ll create a new thread for that.

Thank you! :slight_smile:


Some time ago I was pass those courses and those videos is from those courses as I remember. Basically this video was recorded specifically for the course participants, it is available online for viewing, but also if you want you can take tests and get a certificate.


Is it available on their YouTube channel?
Do you have a link to the videos/playlist available publicly?


As I remember they provide some notes and also links to those videos to YouTube what you provide too. I think that those videos does not refer to this online platform only, it is most likely part of the training course as additional material. Also find this one Functional Programming in Erlang - free online course at - YouTube for this platform and this one Concurrent Programming in Erlang - free online course at - YouTube - but this some intro for online courses.


Have a look at this one: Erlang Master Class 1: Functional Programming (Kent University) - I’ve added the course at the top and then the pre-recorded videos at the bottom - does that look good to you both? If so I will update this thread to follow the same format :003:


This looks so cool, I may need to spread this link around!


I did this course a few years back :+1: