Popular/high-quality open source projects

A usual first step for me when learning a language is to reference open source repos that are considered high-quality. I can think of several examples of this in the Elixir community but am not sure what to start with in Erlang.

Similar to this thread, what are some high quality open source Erlang repos that you look towards for reference?


On a related note, I’m a beginner to Erlang and was thinking it would be nice to eventually try to get involved in an open source project, but I don’t really know where to look. I’m know it would likely be a while before I understand enough Erlang to be of much help, but still, it would be nice to start dipping my toes into it at some point.


You can check out this thread: Projects to get involved with Erlang


I like to think that the projects I maintain are reasonably high-quality.

I know, it’s self-promoting and not that humble from me, but still…

The ones I’m most proud of in terms of their quality are…

And some old ones that we used at Inaka to show newcomers how things are done:tm: were…

Now, besides the ones I personally maintain, I do like how these two much larger ones are written and maintained…