Projects to get involved with Erlang

Do you know any good projects to contribute to, using Erlang?
Maybe especially some also suitable for people who haven’t spent already many years programming Erlang?

What do you think, where’s a good starting point to get involved?


To be honest, it all depends on the community of projects. Sometimes I have seen pull requests that hang in an indeterminate state for years. It also depends on how much you like this or that project. There are a lot of open source projects. Which industry are you interested in: blockchain, web, mobile core networking, messengers, load testing etc.? Eg:



mobile core networking


load testing


Great thread Rainer! :023:

I agree with Viacheslav that looking in areas that already interest you could be a great place to start, or, if you’re open to anything, what about one of the #erlang-frameworks-iot?

@mworrell seems pretty active in the Zotonic thread which makes me think he’d be very open to help - who knows, maybe you end up loving the project so much you end up being on the core team :003:


For web stuff we would like ro get more help with

Erlang web framework. Right now we are doing some big changes. It will be presented on the conference next week.

We have Nova then erldb that we are using to handle ORM. Also tolling around everything.


Always welcome at Zotonic. We have many differents parts we are working on, which can be of interest to many different people.

Zotonic is a very complete system to build web sites and applications, that is in active use and development.

Some examples:

  • We are working on integrating RDF imports and exports, with the goal of native JSON-LD support.
  • TeleView, a kind of television for HTML. Where a server side renderer is viewed on different clients over the MQTT connections. Great stuff, bit similar to LiveView, but then also completely different.
  • Logging - we want to replace lager with logger
  • Packaging, we have split Zotonic in some 80+ Hex packages, and need some tuning and testing of the release GitHub actions.
  • More IoT integration examples (via our MQTT communication bus).

And on our wish list:

  • Nicer dashboard in the admin, better search
  • Elixir support, so that people can add modules written in Elixir
  • Extra command line escripts, to make it easier to use
  • More variation in Docker containers

And much more you can think of.


We have a vast array of projects you can contribute to at Inaka’s github, most of them completely suitable for newcomers.

Or if you want a more… humm… challenging experience :stuck_out_tongue: … You can contribute to one of the multiple plugins I’m currently maintaining*, like rebar3_lint, rebar3_format, rebar3_hank, or rebar3_depup.

As a matter of fact, I already have some ideas for more plugins and I’m considering the creation of a rebar3 plugin github template repository. So, if you feel like starting something from scratch, just ping send me a DM :slight_smile:

* to be clear, I’m not the only maintainer of those projects. I’m just one of them.