Rebar3_plugin - a simple rebar3 template to build your own with Rebar3 plugin!

A few days ago we met with @elbrujohalcon in Projects to get involved with Erlang discussion. After some conversation, @elbrujohalcon proposed to start a new interesting project: a base rebar3 plugin template for GitHub. Meet rebar3_plugin! Together with @elbrujohalcon we created a simple and amazing rebar3 plugin template repository that you can now use to build your own plugin! How? It’s too simple:

  • On the main page of this repository, you should find and click a button called Use this template.
  • Add Repository name and Description for your particular plugin.
  • Then clone and build your template plugin and push it into your GitHub repository
  • Finally, run ./bootsrap to setup your repository using the name you’ve chosen.

Nice one @vkatsuba and @elbrujohalcon - I’ve moved this to the Libraries section, I am sure it will come in handy for a lot of people :023:


Hey! Together with @elbrujohalcon we created new release which provided a more flexible CLI! Сheck it out! Added new command in 0.2.0 - bootstrap clean(more details in


The list of plugins what is already used rebar3_plugin:



Hi folks! Today was provided release 0.3.0 of rebar3_plugin with updating GitHub Actions, project plugins and adding new plugin rebar3_edoc_extensions - now you can generate beautiful documentation for your plugins! Enjoy :metal:! And fell free to leave any comments with your opinions or create tickets for improvements in GitHub :upside_down_face:.