Transatlantic Virtual After Conference Pub Get Together with Garrett and Peer

Join @gar1t and me today 20:00 CET, 11:00 PST, 13:00 CST, 14:00 EST for our informal transatlantic virtual after conference pub get together on Toucan:

Again it’s been a long, long time without an in-person conference to keep the Erlang community feeling close! Enough is enough. Peer and Garrett, missing our informal and always life transforming exchanges at pubs after conferences, though we’d organize a Toucan based global reunion. If you’re not familiar with Toucan, it’s a chat platform that lets people socialize with a bit more pizzazz than Slack. This is an informal get together but expect to learn something. Probably about yourself. For North American attendees, given the global nature of the event, we’re starting early. Yes, this is your excuse to day drink. Even if it’s soda water. It’s a pub reunion! Feel free to organize local in-person pods to call in from, provided it’s COVID safe and supported. Looking forward to reuniting!


Thanks for organising. Topics discussed (that I can remember) up until the point I had to drop:

  • Whisky glasses
  • Favoured OS (Garrett’s fault!)
  • Would you vote for a 10 year winter
  • EEF membership
  • Type systems
  • The (no so) subtle difference between ordering water and vodka when pronounced with a German accent
  • Pattern matching in Python
  • Merits of various inferior (i.e. non-BEAM) languages