What is your display setup and configuration? (Poll)

There are two polls and a third question…

1) Displays

How many displays do you use in your primary setup?
  • Laptop - just its own display
  • Laptop - own display and one external monitor
  • Laptop - own display and two external monitors
  • Laptop - own display and an iPad/Tablet
  • Laptop - own display and external monitor and iPad/Tablet
  • Laptop - with one external display (clamshell mode)
  • Laptop - with one external display and an iPad/Tablet
  • Laptop - other setup (please say in thread!)
  • Desktop computer - single display
  • Desktop computer - twin displays
  • Desktop computer - triple displays
  • Desktop computer - other setup (please say in thread!)

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2) Orientation

What orientation/s do you use?
  • Single display - landscape
  • Single display - portrait
  • Dual displays - landscape, landscape
  • Dual displays - portrait, portrait
  • Dualdisplays - portrait, landscape
  • Triple displays - landscape, landscape, landscape
  • Triple displays - landscape, portrait, landscape
  • Triple displays - landscape, portrait, portrait
  • Triple displays - portrait, portrait, portrait
  • Triple displays - portrait, landscape, portrait

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3) Configuration

Please let us know how you are using your setup in the thread :smiley:

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Office (work) - laptop (clamshell), 2 external monitors
Home (work, “temporary” set up for the last 2 years) - laptop (clamshell), 1 external monitor
Home (non-work) - iMac 27"

The external monitors are all 23" and frankly my eyesight is struggling with them. I use Windows in 125% scaling mode, which doesn’t work so well in every application.

I physically move the external monitor in front of the iMac when I’m working at home. Since this is not ideal, I have a plan to get a 4K display (27" or 32") at home and share it between the work laptop and a mac mini, depending on when the new ones come out and if the spec is agreeable. My eldest child is very keen to get my current iMac.


MacBook Pro 15", with an external 32" 4K monitor.
Works great, and can always take the MacBook with me when going to a customer.

Used to have a 23" monitor, but with the 4K I can have two “normal” screen next to each other. Which make it less needed to switch window. Using the 15" laptop screen for shells, time trackers, and other smaller windows.

Using an iPad for reading.


Oops, I misclicked above. I should have selected single display with a closed laptop. I use a 43" 4k display. It looks rather silly but I like it.


If you click on ‘show vote’ you can change your vote Louis :023:

Which TV have you got? How close do you sit to it? Do you use resolution scaling? I personally prefer larger screens positioned further away so always interested in such setups!

If your desk is big enough I’d try a 32" monitor as far back on your desk that is comfortable and then adjust scaling to suit. I loved my 32" Dell monitor and it was a HiDPI monitor (with its inbuilt-scaling) long before Apple brought out retina displays.

Have you tried Apple SideCar? It’s works surprisingly well (though admittedly I rarely use it). It’s definitely a nice second screen to go with a laptop imo.


It’s technically a monitor rather than a TV, but practically yes, it’s a TV. I use the lowest scaling that OSX will permit and have it a bit over an arm’s reach away. Larger displays further away is certainly the way to go in my opinion!


Personally, I heavily rely on macOS Desktops at work, with one or two apps side by side.
I use a 35" display with a resolution of 3440×1440.